YuYu Hakusho, Vol. 3: In The Flesh

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In Japan, most manga are first published in the hugely popular magazines; then, if they are extended into a series and embraced by fans, they are collected into tankoubon, or graphic novels. Originally appearing in Weekly Shonen Jump , it was later collected into three tankoubon volumes in Japan, though never published in the United States.

YuYu Hakusho, Vol. 3 by Yoshihiro Togashi (, Paperback) for sale online | eBay

Also in , Togashi published the series Okami Nante Kowakunai! I'm Not Afraid of Wolves , which was collected into a single volume in Japanese only. These series allowed Togashi to expand his skills as both a storyteller and an artist, and he would soon use his talents to create one of the most popular manga series ever: YuYu Hakusho. Yu Yu Hakusho began appearing in Weekly Shonen Jump in and soon became one of the most popular series in the magazine. In the early part of the series, Yusuke is revealed as a terrible student, more interested in fighting and combating authority figures than in attending classes.

The only one who sees his good side is his longtime friend Keiko Yukimura, who later develops into his girlfriend. In an uncharacteristically selfless action, Yusuke saves the life of a young child by jumping into traffic, but he himself is killed. Now a ghost, Yusuke journeys to the underworld, where he finds out that they are not ready for him.

novelandmangacrazy 100 books in 2010

The leaders of the underworld send him back to the world of the living, where he is looked after by Botan, a pretty young spirit from the underworld. Yusuke returns to school, but he is now charged with being an underworld detective, assigned with bringing back demons who have escaped from hell.

During the course of the series, which ran in the weekly magazine from to , Yusuke had a variety of adventures: first, he fights and defeats three demons who have stolen three powerful artifacts from the underworld; next he participates in a contest to become a disciple student of a powerful warrior named Genkai. With each battle, Yusuke grows more skilled and powerful, but so do his opponents. Eventually Yusuke gains so much power that the king of the underworld questions whether he should be allowed to remain among the living. As the series ends, Yusuke helps contribute to ridding the world of demons and is united with Keiko in a mysterious ending that sees them both washed out to sea.

Though YuYu Hakusho is full of action—with nearly every chapter containing some kind of fight scene—the engaging plots and insightful characterization keep readers coming back for more. All of the characters grow and change in interesting ways through the series.

Yusuke, for example, begins the series as a rowdy, disruptive character who claims in YuYu Hakusho Volume 3: In the Flesh , "My only mission in life is to get my kicks while I can. An interesting subplot in the series involves the rivalry between Yusuke and Kuwabara, a student who wants to challenge Yusuke's stature as the toughest kid in school. At first, the two are bitter enemies, but they slowly learn to appreciate each other and become friends. These developing characters and their relationships make YuYu Hakusho more than just an action story.

Another interesting element of the series is the way that Togashi inserts himself into the story from time to time. Non-Sport Trading Cards Collectible Card Games Animal Collectables 4. Kitchenalia 8.

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Suzuki, the Beautiful Fighter. Evil Kintaro. Half-demon impersonating Kuwabara.

YuYu Hakusho 3 in The Flesh 9781591161837 by Yoshihiro Togashi Paperback

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