One Man’s Bible

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In referring to the book's title he says of himself: "You are your own God and follower. The influence of existentialism is credible since Gao graduated in French from the Beijing Institute of Foreign Languages in and was instrumental in introducing European writers to Chinese intellectuals in the early s.

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The problem is compounded for the reader by the distancing device he uses to separate himself from his own character. We are left not knowing where to turn, what to believe. This is particularly so in his un-existentialist attitude to women who are consistently portrayed as sex objects. There are pages of tedium in this book mostly in the repetitive nature of his encounters with women but at the end, the sum is greater than many of its parts. New Zealand Herald.

One Man's Bible

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Register with us and content you save will appear here so you can access them to read later. The chapters are divided into "you" and "he" viewpoints , representing a painful spUt between the "you" of the author's mind and the "he" of his body, the historical self who is ruthlessly and microscopically examined.

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Gao resists offering history lessons in this book, even though he recognizes that there is to date no adequate and objectiveChinesehistoryofMao's Cultural Revolution, that the history books constantly change to accommodate the regime in power. Gao's main interests here are art and the "I" who is never mentioned in print.

One Man’s Bible - Gao Xingjian - كتب Google

The self becomes the starting and ending point of history. It is by way of this odd, disjointed historical testimony that we can most precisely comprehend a frightening era, a time in which the creators of China's history eradicated the individual "I" in favor of a collective citizenry lacking independent thought. The novel's central conceit is a curious Margarethe dredging up memories that the narrator would rather suppress. Britain is about to hand over Hong Kong to China.

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The author's reconstructed self, conjured from memory, becomes the story. As in Soul Mountain, which introduced Gao to the American pubUc, the author works within the framework of a twisting, fractured narrative. The novel can't quite be caUed plotless; throughout it there are a number of sustained affatis, sexual and poUtical. The history of literature confirms Plutarch, who wrote, You will find few of the wisest and most intelligent men buried in their own countries.

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A great many of the best writers have lived abroad. China, he says, gives him a headache. Precious little of Gao's oeuvre is available in English: a few plays and the monumental novel Soul Mountain , which documented the disastrous repercussions of China's Cultural Revolution His new and long-awaited novel One Man's Bible relates in fictional form his own participation in the Revolution and his ultimate rejection of its goals. The novel begins in Hong Kong. The year is Or is it ?